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Technical Assistance:

Semco has an extensive tehnical library to assist customers in solving technical problems in all facets of business... LEARN MORE

Price Risk Managment:

Semco realizes that to protect from price volatility, they need to protect their customers' risk exposure. This is why Semco uses real time pricing... LEARN MORE


Semco will take the zinc die cast parks and dross in an ingot form, remelt the material and cast it back into an ignot with proper chemical specifications... LEARN MORE
Zinc Alloy inventories

Steel Coating Alloys

Semco manufactures two types zinc coating alloys (Brightener); 5% Aluminum and 10% Aluminum with the balance percentage being SHG Zinc. Steel coating alloys are used for the protection of iron and steel from corrosion. The 5% Aluminum coating gives 2 times the long-term corrosion resistance versus pure zinc coating. Most steel coating alloys are hot dipped, in which the zinc and steel form a bond. This layer or bond can vary in thickness depending according to it's application.

Photo: Zinc Alloy Inventories
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